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Telemedicine services offered in Northern Suburbs of Buffalo, Williamsville and Buffalo, NY

If you are searching for convenient and accessible mental health care and support, Resilient Psychiatry in Buffalo, New York, and the Northern Suburbs of Buffalo neighborhood of Williamsville, New York, is here to help. Telemedicine provides an effective and safe way to connect with experienced professionals, like mental health expert and adult ADHD specialist Maureen Conway, PMHNP. Whether you are experiencing anxiety, depression, mood disorders, bipolar disorder, or other mental health conditions, telehealth visits can benefit you. Call today to schedule a virtual consultation and take the first step towards improved mental well-being. Or request an appointment online now.

Telemedicine Q&A

How does telemedicine work for mental health?

Through secure and confidential video sessions at Resilient Psychiatry, patients can connect with experienced mental health professionals, ensuring continuity of care without needing in-person visits*.

Telemedicine allows individuals to access mental health services from the comfort of their own homes, making access to care more comfortable, convenient, and accessible.



What are some advantages of telemedicine for mental health care?

With telemedicine, patients can schedule appointments that fit into their busy lives, reducing barriers to seeking mental health support. Virtual visits also eliminate the need for a commute, whether driving to an office or taking a train, bus, or rideshare for an appointment. 

This flexibility is beneficial for individuals managing any of the following conditions:

  • Depression
  • Mood disorders 
  • PTSD
  • OCD
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Trauma
  • Chronic health conditions
  • Physical limitations

Telemedicine makes care accessible from the comfort of home and other locations.


Is telemedicine as effective as in-person mental health care?

Resilient Psychiatry professionals are dedicated to providing the same level of high-quality mental health care and support through virtual sessions.

Research has shown telemedicine can be as effective as in-person mental health care. It ensures individuals can access the help they need when needed, promoting better mental health outcomes.

Telehealth services are not just a convenient option — they provide a reliable way to ensure the continuity of care. The secure platform offers a consistent connection between experienced mental health professionals and patients.


Does telemedicine include medication management?

Resilient Psychiatry providers can conduct virtual consultations to assess needs, prescribe medications, make adjustments as necessary, and ensure ongoing monitoring of the patient’s individualized treatment plan. Your provider takes an integrative and multi-disciplinary team approach whenever possible.

For patients managing mental health conditions and other conditions, telemedicine ensures an integrated approach to care. Maureen Conway and staff collaborate closely and provide highly personalized and effective treatment, even in a virtual setting.

Depending on the individual and case-by-case basis, some conditions, like adult ADHD and medications (stimulants), require in-person initial consultations and regular follow-ups. Your provider will discuss this with you in more detail should the need arise*.

To learn more about how mental health care services via telemedicine can benefit you, call  Resilient Psychiatry. Request a virtual visit by phone or online today.


*Certain medications and conditions require in-person assessments, evaluations, initial consultations, and follow-ups as necessary with state law and regulations.